Quartzfest© 2020 Schedule (version 1.20)

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Quartzfest© 2020 Schedule (version 1.20)

Post by KK6CTT » Thu Dec 26, 2019 12:13 am

Start planning now for the 2020 Quartzfest event!

Quartzfest Schedule


PDF (better) format

Daily Events not listed on the Schedule:

  • Morning Eyeball around the Campfire:  A super good way to start the day, Standing around the campfire with a cup of coffee in your hand while holding eyeball QSO's with others in the group. please provide your own chair and cup of coffee
7:45am and noon
  • 2 meter Informational Net – 146.55MHz FM Simplex
  • Happy (Social) Hour (announcements and prize drawings)
SUN, 01/19 Presenter Presentation
1130-1345 Dave Anderson/K1AN AZARA Youth Radio Group Show‘n Tell and Hidden Transmitter Hunt
1400 Kristyn Weed/KR1SS Quartzfest* 2020 Opening Ceremony
1600 Kevin Hedgepeth/NB7O & Michelle Hedgepeth/K7MGO Bridge Road Chicken Ranch Wine Tasting
MON, 01/20 Presenter Presentation
Dave Anderson/K1AN AZARA Youth Radio Club Hidden Xmtr Hunting
Gordon West/WB6NOA Troposphere Ducting Explained
Marilyn Jordan/W6MCJ Gold Panning
Javier Beltran/K6TNT Summits on The Air (SOTA)
  Rick Paquette/W7RAP How to Pass an Amateur Radio Exam
  Chris Doering/KI6QBM Land Ops
  Debbie Kumihimo is a type of braiding done with thread &/or beads using a foam disk.
  Keith Shomaker Join Redlands Truck & RV for another fun and interactive seminar discussing products and services that make your RV, truck or trailer much more enjoyable to drive and relax in.
  Bill Mader/K8TE The Art of Elmering
  Don Hill/KE6BXT AREDN Mesh Networking
TUE, 01/21 Presenter Presentation
  Rick Paquette/W7RAP Cast Iron Cooking
  Michelle Hedgepeth/K7MGO Basic Genealogy
  Javier Beltran/K6TNT SOTA Equipment Demonstration and practical application in a nearby hilltop
  Kimberly RV Organizational Round Table
  Bill Mader/K8TE County DXpedition hunting via RV
  Chris Doering/KI6QBM Land Ops (repeat of MON session)
WED, 01/22 Presenter Presentation
  Alan Biocca/W6AKB Intro to WinLink
  Marcia De Runtz/KG6FIX HandiHams
  Ryan (Blue Sky Energy) Solar Controllers
  Kathy Van Note/KE8LIN Participants will learn current “Best Practices” when encountering a person with a life threatening bleed. This includes wound packing, pressure bandaging and tourniquet placement and application.
  David Smith/W6DPS Amateur radio direction finding.
  Jack Lunsford/NT7MM Grounding and Bonding
  Don Hill/KE6BXT High Speed AREDN Mesh Networking
  Marcia De Runtz/KG6FIX Basket Weaving
  Lynn Connant Child Custody/Guardianship
  Bill Mader/K8TE CW:  Fun with Dit's and Dah's
  Kimberly Coffee Filter Flowers
  Javier Beltran/K6TNT SOTA activation at nearby Cunningham Mountain
  Gordon West/WB6NOA Amateur Radio License Testing & commercial GROL (late morning event)
  Frank Fox/AF0XX Solar Walkabout (afternoon event)
  Russell Decker/KB6YAF, Kevin Hedgepeth/NB7O, Michelle Hedgepeth/K7MGO Music Jam
  Chris Doering/KI6QBM Land Ops Trail Ride (evening event)
THU, 01/23 Presenter Presentation
  Jack Lundsford/NT7MM Grounding and Bonding (show 'n tell)
  Bill Nader/K8TE Accessories that help mitigate HF RFI in the shack
  Paul RV Refrigerator Safety, Troubleshooting, and Theory of Operation
  Kevin Hedgepeth/NB7O WinLink Updates
  Alan Biocca/W6AKB From DIY to factory electric bikes
  Michelle Hedgepeth/K7MGO Advanced Genealogy
  Kevin Loughin/KB9RLW Hams of YouTube
  Alan Biocca/W6AKB Designing with OpenSCAD for 3D printing
  Roger Deane/KD6CNY All about LEDs
  Jeff La Grange/AG6MN Goldstone/Deep Space Network
  Frank Engstrom/KB7IQ Off Road Trip-4x4 is highly recommended
  Russell Decker/KB6YAF, Kevin/KB7O and Michelle/K7MGO Hedgepeth Hootenanny (late afternoon to early evening event)
FRI, 01/24 Presenter Presentation
  Rick Paquette/W7RAP ARRL Forum (AZ Section MGR)
  Dick Norton/N6AA ARRL Forum (SW Division Director)
  Bill Mader/K8TE HF Propagation Predicting for 2020
  Kimberly Everyday survival packs for your RV, 4x4 and car
  John Foster/N6FVY, Grace Salley-Foster/W6ULW Survival:  The seminar has nothing to do with survivalists and the SHTF topics, but more as is taught in Boy Scouts “Be Prepared”
  David Smith/W6DPS APRS Practical Uses
  Kathy Van Note/KE8LIN The Well-Armed Woman:  The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters is an organization of more than 300 local chapters across the nation (12,000 members) focused on introducing women to the world of firearms.
  Neil Fullagar/K6NCX Antenna Walkabout (early afternoon)
SAT, 01/25 Presenter Presentation
  Kristyn Weed/KR1SS Yard Sale
  Rick Parquette/W7RAP Amateur Radio Exams
  Kristyn Weed/KR1SS Closing Ceremony
Kristyn Week/KR1SS Site Breakdown
Site Break Down– After closing ceremony, we’ll need help taking down tents and bulletin board and trucks to take supplies back to our Quartzfest Storage Shed. If you’re physically capable of helping, please do.

Contingency Planning: One is none; two is one; three or more adds to the score!

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